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The Brighton Urban Renewal Authority (BURA) created the Brighton Hearts the Arts rental assistance grant program to help local artists with the cost of rent who occupy physical space in the downtown urban renewal area.

2024 Brighton Hearts the Arts Press Release

Program Details

 This program is designed to help artists with the cost of rent in a physical location

The program will be seeded with $25,000 for FY 2024.

Grant funding will be made available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Additional appropriations can be considered during BURA’s annual budget preparation.

Artists may apply for a grant that will cover up to 50% of their annual or monthly lease, not to exceed $15,000 annually per award

Grants will be made available to qualified applicants as determined by the BURA commissioners

The program is open to arts-focused nonprofits, as well as for-profit art galleries and art studios that meet the following criteria:

Nonprofit Applicants: The applicant must be designated as a 501(c)(3) per the Internal Revenue Code and in good standing.

For-Profit Applicants: The applicant must meet the following criteria:

Museum /Art Gallery/Artist Space: The facility’s principal function and mission must be to exhibit, create, present, and/or sell artistic work in a variety of media produced by an artist, artist collective, or arts and culture organization, accessible by public audiences.

General Eligibility Requirements:

The location must be within Brighton’s downtown urban renewal plan area. (See attached map)

Applicants must have a current Brighton business/sales tax license.

Applicants must submit a fully-executed lease agreement.

Home based-studios are not eligible for the grant.

Applicants must provide a copy of their lease agreement and a signed W-9 when completing their online application

Applicants must be occupying physical space per the lease and on premises at the time of award.

Applicants may not sub-lease, rent or occupy additional space to other entities who are grant award recipients

Reimbursement will require proof of rent/lease payment

Payments will be made directly to the landlord in most cases

Awards for Rental Assistance shall be approved/denied at the sole-discretion of the BURA commissioners. Grants will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis to those who have met all the requirements of the application until the funds are dispersed. Award in previous year does not imply continued support.